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Xiangyang Gotoo weekly Hot News

2017.11.27 Article From : Gotoo

Hot News No.1

Gotoo ranks among the TOP 100 industrial enterprises of Xiangyang city

On November 24, 2017, Xiangyang City Enterprise Association and the Entrepreneurs Association released the list of 2017 Top 100 Industrial Enterprises. Xiangyang Gotoo was selected as one of the Top 100 Industrial Enterprises and the Top 100 Taxpayers for Industrial Enterprises. Today's Xiangyang Gotoo has achieved excellent results in the rail transit operation and maintenance industry. While realizing the healthy and stable development of the company, it also makes its due contribution to the economic development of Xiangyang City. It has been recognized and affirmed by all sectors of the society and the “Health Management Expert” The new image is gradually rooting in people's hearts.

Hot News No.2

Secretary  of Xiangzhou District of XiangYang City Mr. Xingming and other leaders visited Gotoo to inspect

On the afternoon of November 24,2017, Yang Xingming, the party secretary of Yinzhou District, and other leaders of the delegation visited and inspected the Xiangyang Gotoo.
Secretary Mr. Yang listened to the company’s report on the “advanced party building” and “scientific and technological innovation”, and encouraged all party members of Suiyang Guotie to constantly explore and innovate, firmly establish the “four consciousnesses” and give full play to its role as an advanced model. Encourage Puyang National Railways to make persistent efforts to seize opportunities, make more contributions to the development of the national rail transit operation maintenance project, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of Xiangyang Rail Transit Industrial Park.

District Secretary Yang Xingming listens to company report

Hot News No.3

Won Chengdu tram rong line No. 2 vehicle base process equipment integration project segment

This week, Xiangyang Gotoo Marketing Center re-successfully reported that our company has won the trust of users with its solid technical strength and competitive business plan. It has won the Chengdu Tramway Rong No. 2 successfully. Line vehicle base process equipment integration target segment. This order is not only the fruit of the hard work of the China Railway Group, but also the industry's recognition of Liyang's strength. It is believed that with the joint efforts of the National Railway people, we will be able to create even greater achievements.